Eldon Conner purchased what is now Conner Sawmill, located in north central Indiana in the town of Walton, in 1973. Though fairly modest in the beginning, Conner Sawmill has grown to include a sawmill, pallet shop, grade mill, timber division and trucking fleet.

This growth has also caused us to increase our coverage area. Our timber crews are kept busy throughout northern and central Indiana. Lumber and pallet deliveries regularly range anywhere from Indianapolis to Chicago and anywhere in between.

Through a high degree of vertical integration Conner Sawmill is able to offer a wide variety of quality products that few can match. Conner Sawmill’s list of products include: veneer logs, grade logs, standard pallets, custom pallets, grade lumber, custom sawing capability up to 25’, high grade mulch, sawdust, and firewood.

However, it is not just the variety of products that make Conner Sawmill special, it is what goes into Conner Sawmill that makes the products special. Conner Sawmill is a family owned and run business. So when you do business with Conner Sawmill, rest assured that you have received not only our professional best but our personal guarantee that you will be more than satisfied. As proof of this please note that all pictures on this site were not staged, they were taken as our products came off the lines, so you can see a real example of what you can expect.

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